Last week I wrote a post titled a When Racism Is Unhidden and I mentioned an incident that kind of happened to me. Well, I did decide to follow up on it and called the manager of that particular outlet, just to give him a heads up. I said that I didn't believe it was malicious at all, just insensitive and inappropriate based on where the conversation took place. He said he'd investigate and get back to me.

When I hung up I thought about what he said and wondered just what he could do to investigate and why I needed to be called back. I knew a few things up front. One, no matter who he asked about it no one would remember it because there was no incident; I didn't react. Two, even if someone did remember the conversation, who'd be stupid enough to own up to it? Three, if the video I knew they had didn't have sound, that wouldn't show anything. And four, even if you found something and disciplined someone, the best you could have to offer me is to say that you'd disciplined them; you can't tell me what you did and truthfully, I shouldn't even know.

Still, he'd said it and true to his word, he called me yesterday to say he'd looked into it, didn't see an incident, yet still talked to his entire staff about making sure that their behavior is always appropriate wherever there are customers, and went a step further in saying that even if customers weren't around there was certain behavior and words he wasn't going to tolerate. I thanked him for that and that was the end of our conversation.

When I thought about it later on, I realized that even if I felt I didn't need a follow up call, that good customer service goes a long way in making consumers feel that their concerns were truly met. This is a rest area I stop by often and it's possible that I'd have started having some hesitancy in going there and giving them my business if I retained even a residual bit of distress from my previous visit. What he did was ease any issues I might have had with them a bit more; he even invited me to stop by to talk to him in person the next time I'm there.

How many of us feel that someone really cares enough to take care of our issues when we present them? How many of us will go out of our way to make those who interact with us feel better if they complain to us about something?