Everyone has a period in their lives when things aren't going quite right. I had that period from May through early September when I had three major things going on in my life, two of them financial, one of them personal.

I'm not a religious person, so I don't have religion to fall back on. I do have certain faiths in my life, though, based on a few things. One, I have my normal mantra which says that every day is another opportunity to start anew. Two, I have my belief in the laws of attraction, to the point where one says that what you manifest is the type of thing you bring into your life.

That second one is tough to deal with sometimes. For instance, I could pretty much agree that the two financial issues I did manifest in some fashion because I trusted people that I thought would treat me differently than it panned out. Not that one of them didn't treat me fairly but I had beliefs that didn't come to fruition and thus had some financial difficulties for a longer period of time than I had expected. Luckily I have more ways than one to make money but I shouldn't have had to go that route.

But did I manifest my grandmother first injuring herself, then going into a nursing home and eventually passing away this summer? That's a tough one to swallow, and I'm of the opinion that one can't really manifest when bad things happen to someone else, no matter how connected they are.

And yet, it does seem that when it rains it pours, and the timing certainly made it seem like things were falling apart. There was a period where work was sporadic, as I had constant trips out of town, meeting with doctors, hospital personnel, nursing home personnel and of course taking care of my mother, who felt guilty for some of what was happening to my grandmother, which had nothing to do with her but it was an emotion I understood because I think I felt some kind of guilt when my dad passed away even though I had nothing to do with that.

How does one get out from other so many bad things when their general faith is shaken? Although it's not easy, one does it by finding the good things that are happening and by remembering good things that have passed. Last week on a different blog I reviewed whether there was anything to be thankful for at Thanksgiving. I began the post by highlighting some of the bad things that have happened in the last year, then found a lot of good things that happened in the year, way more than the bad. Nothing tops my grandmother passing away, but things were fine with her the first half of the year, and other good things happened as well.

That's the thing about faith in general. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to others, but if you can push forward through the bad times, you'll find a lot of good things are happening as well. When you can capture those good things, they help to offset most bad things. Positive motivation is always a strong thing when you can find those things in your life that have worked out for you.

How do you handle things when your faith is shaken, no matter what it is?