Employee Issues

Keeping with my two minutes theme, I know I normally write about leadership here. This time I’m writing directly to employees, new employees in fact. These tips are good for any employee, but new employees really need to check this out because going into a new situation with the proper mindset could help things go […]

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of things about goals and dreams. I actually wrote a post about it on one of my other blogs, where a friend of mine shared his dream and is living it these days; the post has become quite popular, which is always nice. Matthias Werner via Compfight I’ve been […]

I failed a personality test! Yes, you read that correctly. It was the strangest thing because I never knew you could fail a personality test. I’m not even sure what I did to fail the personality test. Okay, that sounds dramatic, and it makes for a great bit of comedy, but it turns out to […]

Last week I wrote a post titled It’s Okay NOT To Be A Leader. In that post, I mentioned that even if you decide not to be a leader, it doesn’t mean that you do everything the leader tells you to do just because you’ve decided to be a follower. This is a follow up […]

Sometimes you end up working with someone whose personality makes you wonder if they ever have a good time. You never see them smile, you never hear them say anything that borders on nice, or they rarely look you in the eye. When you talk to them on the phone, it seems as though they […]