Employee Issues

Hopefully by now a lot of people know about my book Leadership Is/Isn’t Easy. It’s a compilation of articles and stories on leadership that I believe can help people understand leadership concepts without hammering them over the head. I decided to share one of those articles here just to give y’all a taste of what […]

A couple of years ago I wrote a post titled Do You Trust Your Employees after reading a story where a factory was putting electronic tracking devices on their employees. I could have easily given it the title above. Closed! I’m glad I didn’t, because I can give better attention to the question about employees […]

Sometimes the best way to illustrate a point is by telling a little story. My grandmother, Hazel Beverly, was in the hospital for two weeks. It took a while before I finally heard from a doctor; she’d been in the hospital for 10 days. He asked me about her advanced directives. I told him that […]

This is going to surprise some people, but even though I’ve worked for myself for nearly 12 years, I’ve had a couple of occasions here and there to interview for a regular job. Sometimes you see an opportunity, realize that the money’s not bad and the benefits might be great and, well, if it’s local […]

This is the finale, part six of the series Understanding the 21st Century Workforce. First, let me link back to all the other articles: Understanding the 21st Century Workforce – The Series Understanding the 21st Century Workforce – Basic Do’s and Don’ts Part One Understanding the 21st Century Workforce – Basic Do’s and Don’ts Part […]