Employee Issues

A couple of years ago I wrote a post titled Do You Trust Your Employees after reading a story where a factory was putting electronic tracking devices on their employees. I could have easily given it the title above. Closed! I’m glad I didn’t, because I can give better attention to the question about employees […]

Sometimes the best way to illustrate a point is by telling a little story. My grandmother, Hazel Beverly, was in the hospital for two weeks. It took a while before I finally heard from a doctor; she’d been in the hospital for 10 days. He asked me about her advanced directives. I told him that […]

This is going to surprise some people, but even though I’ve worked for myself for nearly 12 years, I’ve had a couple of occasions here and there to interview for a regular job. Sometimes you see an opportunity, realize that the money’s not bad and the benefits might be great and, well, if it’s local […]

This is the finale, part six of the series Understanding the 21st Century Workforce. First, let me link back to all the other articles: Understanding the 21st Century Workforce – The Series Understanding the 21st Century Workforce – Basic Do’s and Don’ts Part One Understanding the 21st Century Workforce – Basic Do’s and Don’ts Part […]

Keeping with my two minutes theme, I know I normally write about leadership here. This time I’m writing directly to employees, new employees in fact. These tips are good for any employee, but new employees really need to check this out because going into a new situation with the proper mindset could help things go […]

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