There are many cartoons that have human characters interacting with animals. This goes way back to the beginning of animation. Anyone who loves cartoons remembers those old Fleischer cartoons where not only animals talked but inanimate objects talked as well.

mouse / Pixabay

There’s always an interesting way these humans interact with these characters. Sometimes there’s the initial shock, but most of the time they just talk as if it were the normal thing to do. I know it’s fantasy, yet I often think of how that would work in the real world.

I’m just imagining I’m in the kitchen, making a sandwich, and suddenly I hear this little voice asking for a piece of bread. I look around trying to figure out where the voice came from and suddenly I see a mouse actually sitting about 5 feet from me, looking at me with no fear or none of that other stuff that I understand mice do. It’s actions almost seem human. Then it repeats itself, verifying that indeed it was talking to me.

What would my reaction be? Would I kind of freak and say “mouse” and start chasing it? Would I stand frozen because I was surprised that a mouse was talking to me? Would I question my sanity? Or would I talk to it, even if I had to wait for that period of shock to end?

One can extrapolate these feelings into how we deal with people we don’t know. It might seem strange to say that a person might go crazy if someone else was talking to them unexpectedly but doesn’t that kind of thing happen on a regular basis? I don’t know how many women I talk to who say they were minding their own business when some “creepy” guy spoke to them, and it made them flee. Sometimes when you ask what made them creepy there’s no specific way they looked or acted, nothing out of the norm. The women were just surprised and, at times, scared because they might have received a compliment they weren’t expecting.

Or, have you been going somewhere often, even at your own place of employment, when suddenly someone said something to you that you may never have seen before, or may have seen but never paid any attention to? One of the compliments I used to get when I was an every day employee was that I would talk to anyone, no matter which department they worked in. Some employees felt that people in other departments looked down on them or ignored them totally because of the job they did.

For the most part I often find myself being in the “starter” position. In essence, I say “hello” to a lot of people, or “hi” or “howdy.” I make eye contact. I try to be friendly. Now, I’ll admit that sometimes it scares a few people off, but in general the response I get is fairly positive. I figure that you never know when you might run into that person again, when either you or they might need something crucial, and it’s best to already have broken the ice in some fashion.

Now that I’ve explained it I’ll ask the question again; would you talk to a mouse?