(originally posted February 22nd, 2005)

To those of you who are visiting and don’t already know me, my name is Mitch Mitchell; no, that’s not my real first name, but it’ll do for now. This is my blog, and I’m not going to lie to you; I want to try to get my name out there and increase my reputation, as well as generate more web traffic. How’s that for honesty?

I want to show you that I not only have expertise in many of the things I say I do on my website (leadership/management, executive coaching, consulting, diversity, customer service, healthcare finance and revenue), but I want to be able to share things I might find here and there.

My website contains some products that I’ve created, including my signature piece, my book Embrace The Lead, and a couple of free newsletters that you might enjoy also.

I’m also available to answer questions from here if anyone wishes to ask. So, check it out, come back often, and let’s have some great times together.