My high school chemistry classroom had this plaque on the wall with an inscription that said: “You don’t go to school to learn anything except how to think.” I thought it was a strange thing to contemplate at the time because my mind said “no, we go to school to learn everything we can so […]

Last night I was part of a get together of local bloggers. I’ve been to this type of thing before, but this was the first I’ve been to that I put together. We hadn’t done this in a long time, as some of the original organizers have moved on to other things that take up […]

I’m often talking about ways to be a good manager. Today I’m going to talk about 3 processes that not only show bad management, but probably shows that manager as not having any idea what they’re doing. A. Doing something just to be doing something via Compfight I remember working for a chief financial […]

I’m diabetic. I’ve been diabetic since September 1997; at least that’s when I was diagnosed. I started taking medication in 2005; by 2007, I was also on insulin. Initially it wasn’t all that difficult because I had this pen that had a small needle attached to it. All I had to do was press it […]

We’ve had a lot of snow in the Syracuse area over the past week, and there’s a lot more coming, it seems. Because I don’t own a snow blower and didn’t sign up for snow removal services, this means I’ve been outside a lot shoveling snow out of the driveway. It’s a tough proposition sometimes, […]