I have 4 blogs of my own and one I manage for my accountant. I’ve been blogging for a lot of years, and I have a fair bit of knowledge on how to work almost every part of the inner workings of them. Until last week, there had only been one drastic change to my […]

Me: “Man…” Her: “What?” Me: “That car in front of us is only going 30 and the speed limit is 45. It’s irking me.” Her: “What are you in a hurry to get to?” Me: “Wherever I can be sooner than where I am now.” Almost all of us hate when someone else is holding […]

I’m diabetic. I’ve been diabetic since September 1997; at least that’s when I was diagnosed. I started taking medication in 2005; by 2007, I was also on insulin. Initially it wasn’t all that difficult because I had this pen that had a small needle attached to it. All I had to do was press it […]