Let’s face this reality; in the past 15 years, life has been tough financially, first because of the struggling economy and then because of Covid. Both of these crossed boundaries that at least half of the country had to deal with. Unemployment was high regarding the first, while a pandemic regarded the second. Some people […]

“I’m frustrated. I have two master’s degrees and I’m working on my doctorate. I started teaching earning $17,000 a year. I’ve paid my dues.” Skaneateles NY Superintendent Philip D’Angelo on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to limit the salaries of superintendents across NY state The question of paying one’s dues sometimes comes up, and it can […]

I was checking out a blog called The Practice of Leadership by a man named George Ambler. It was titled The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (the original article was updated and replaced by one titled Leadership Develops When You Escape Your Comfort Zone). On the post, he had the video that I’ve posted […]