Back in December I posted my business/personal goals for 2009 on this blog. Even though I’m a month past midway, I figured that I’d be upfront and discuss where I am with those goals right now. After all, if I’m a big enough man to put them out there in the first place, I’m a […]

I see the year 2009 as kind of a bellwether year in my personal and professional life, and therefore I figure I have to have goals that help me get to places I want to be eventually in both of my lives. Though I’m still working on coming to grips with it, I’ll be turning […]

Back in April, I wrote something called Mitch’s List, which was my “thank you” list to all the people who had helped me through the past year in achieving my goals, both professionally and personally. Something prompted me to revisit that list today, and I’m really glad I did. Seems that, when I wrote it […]

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