Back in April, I wrote something called Mitch's List, which was my "thank you" list to all the people who had helped me through the past year in achieving my goals, both professionally and personally.

Something prompted me to revisit that list today, and I'm really glad I did. Seems that, when I wrote it originally, two things occurred that weren't necessarily great. One, I wrote it in Word, and the way it formats quotation marks aren't the same way that quotation marks are usually written when creating posts or HTML code. Therefore, things don't always show up on a page as they should; I wish there was a way around that other than possibly having to re-copy everything into notepad, but I'll deal with that issue in some fashion.

The second thing is that I left out a lot of links to people and their websites that I wanted to highlight. While I was writing the piece, I set it up so I could go back and paste the links in, but I missed q few, unfortunately.

So, I'm writing this one, hoping people will go back and read it, and think about creating their own list of thanks to all the people who have been crucial in their past year. Yeah, it's a little self serving, but if one can't be self serving while thanking others, when is there a good time for it?