This morning we awoke to temperatures in the minus teens in the Syracuse area. It’s not necessarily uncommon for our temperatures to get that cold, but it’s rare. Last night on Twitter I was discussing the issue with a few people and it got around to the question of whether or not school would be […]

One of my blogging friends named Mike CJ just wrote an interesting post titled Changes; actually, it had a lot of stutters in it, but I didn’t want to type all that out. In this post, he talked about doing a reexamination of his last 18 months in business, including his blog and other blogs, […]

I guess it’s now a competition, this millionaire quest of mine (read here). A friend of mine wrote me and his specific words were “I’m going to get there first”. I said to him I didn’t realize we were in competition with each other, and he said it wasn’t a competition, it was a fact. […]