One of my blogging friends named Mike CJ just wrote an interesting post titled Changes; actually, it had a lot of stutters in it, but I didn't want to type all that out. In this post, he talked about doing a reexamination of his last 18 months in business, including his blog and other blogs, and came to the realization that it was time to make changes based on ROI, or return on investment. In other words, he felt he was spending more time on non-productive and non-income generation than he was with those things that would bring more income.

I've talked a few times on this blog about the need to get on track and evaluate things in both your life and profession to see how you're doing, and how other things are going as well. I know that I've never taken a day like Mike did and gone through the process of all the things I have going on to see how well I'm doing, or whether I should be tossing something out of the way. I do know that I do these self evaluations often enough and tend to back down from certain things when I feel the time isn't best for them, then later on during another session of thinking I might pull it back into the fold.

I applaud Mike and wish him great things on his journey; at least he has some help along the way. For myself, I have to get to that point where I get into a more detailed version of planning to see where I am on my own journey and what I might need to do differently to get there. I know I need to refocus my energy towards those things that will bring me the highest benefit possible. I'm happy in that mentally I'm feeling really strong these days; that never hurts.

Just asking, but where are you on your personal and professional journey?