Unlike when I got to 700 posts and forgot about it until 2 posts later, this time I'm right on it as far as making sure I didn't miss the anniversary. Writing 800 posts puts me in the top echelon of blogging activity as far as a business blog goes where I've written every single post, instead of having someone else writing it for me or accepting guest posts. Not that there's anything wrong with guest posts, but for this business blog, I've never accepted any.

Once again it's taken me 9 months to write 100 posts, since the last milestone was in July. What's strangely different involves and experiment I decided to undertake in November.

I wasn't writing all that much, and there was no chance I was going to be writing 100 posts within 9 months. Projects and the like had gotten in the way, and my mind was elsewhere.

In November I decided it was time to dedicate some of my time to making sure I had more content on this blog, ergo my website. My blog is a part of my website, so its success helps my websites success. I decided I was going to make sure I had 4 to 5 blog posts every week as a minimum, and I was going to see how my blog ranking went.

I can say without a doubt that the strategy worked. Based on Alexa traffic statistics, this blog's ranking doubled in 4 months. Right now it's sitting at 210,555, but it was as low as 180,000 when I was writing 5 to 6 posts a week. So traffic surged, and rankings surged; like was and is pretty great for the website. More visitors means the potential for more business. I can honestly say I've had more contact, although I wouldn't say it's been outstandingly high.

And that's actually been proven even before I decided to try it out. At the seminar I did on Monday I had a chart showing that businesses with a blog show an increased rate of contacts and business if they have a business blog of at least 40%. Those that really embrace the strategy grow even faster. The same goes for many other social media services as well, but I want to concentrate on blogging. The search engines love it, more people will see your listings on their pages, and you get to control your message and help to educate people at the same time, all while giving them an opportunity to see what you're all about.

Anyway, anniversary day is today, and if I keep up with my new schedule I should be reaching post #900 within 4 to 5 months; wouldn't that be something? Are you blogging for your business, and if so, how's it working for you?

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