A couple of days ago I was on one of those websites that not only talks about the top 10 this or the worse 10 that. You know the ones, where you have to go through multiple pages to see all the things or people the articles are addressing. I usually hate those sites but […]

Sometimes you’re going to get a surprise you’re just not expecting and it’s going to be wondrous. In my case I don’t remember the full beginning, but I somehow got connected to a young woman named Amy Morin on Twitter, and I saw that she’d written a book titled 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t […]

Almost two years ago I wrote a post talking about how so many people are trying to attain perfection and feeling bad because they can’t get there. I said that while it’s great shooting for it, that believing it can ever be reached and then maintained is an unrealistic goal. David Clow via Compfight I […]

Today is the last day to have a shot at purchasing the book package that goes along with my latest book Leadership Is/Isn’t Easy. It’s been a long and busy campaign, and I’ve learned a lot from putting it out there. I’ll be the first to admit that the campaign overall wasn’t as successful as […]

Since last year I did a post titled 13 Leadership Lessons From 13 Years In Business, I guess it’s easy to discern that this is the anniversary of my 14th year. From my perspective I feel like it’s kind of a big deal and yet it’s not. There are people who’ve been in business longer […]