“You shouldn’t shoot for perfection, but try to do the best you can.” – Warren Buffet I have to own up to this one; sometimes I get depressed because I’m not perfect. There, I said it, whew! I’ve never been perfect, and I doubt anyone else ever has. But I’ve had periods of time where […]

Almost two years ago I wrote a post talking about how so many people are trying to attain perfection and feeling bad because they can’t get there. I said that while it’s great shooting for it, that believing it can ever be reached and then maintained is an unrealistic goal. David Clow via Compfight I […]

I have a friend who is very good at what she does. In my opinion, she can do some amazing things. However, she also has a major problem, one that I feel will hold back her business. muha… via Compfight She’s a perfectionist. In other words, she looks at everything and thinks it can be […]