Today is the last day to have a shot at purchasing the book package that goes along with my latest book Leadership Is/Isn't Easy. It's been a long and busy campaign, and I've learned a lot from putting it out there.

I'll be the first to admit that the campaign overall wasn't as successful as I might have hoped it would be. The sales didn't come close to matching up to the traffic that went to the site. Still, it is a book on leadership, which may be a necessary topic but isn't quite a sexy one.

Thanh Mai Bui Duy via Compfight

Not that it was the only thing I've been concentrating on for the past six weeks, but now I can at least put it behind me, put an image over on the left and get on with the regular business of... business, life, leadership, health care... all of that.

It all needs to start by having better days. By better days I mean mentally and physically. I've done a lot of reading on how the rich do things the rest of us don't do. Some of it I don't believe, but there are a few things I do believe, and those are the things I'm going to touch on here.

All of us want better days. Turns out we can make better days by starting the day off differently than we might normally do, and if we need to adjust in the afternoon we can still recover and turn it into a pretty nice day... without drugs, alcohol or, dare I say, coffee (I don't drink coffee so this is for y'all lol)?

Yes, I believe this. Yes, I have lived this... sometimes. I need to live it more often though, and to try to get myself to do it more often I decided to share 5 things that help me have better days, which might help you as well.

1. Plan your day. I find that my most productive days happen when I put everything down based on time frames that I want to do. I usually do it late at night, sometimes just before I go to bed. It actually helps clear my mind so I'm not trying to remember everything and most of the time I sleep better, which helps me wake up better.

2. Whether you wake up on your own or by alarm, give yourself 5 or 10 minutes in bed to get your mind fully alert. This is a definite ritual of mine; the only deviation is if I really have to go to the bathroom.

Sometimes I scan email on the phone just to see if anything looks pressing. Sometimes I go through Flipboard to see what's going on in the world. Sometimes I just lay there breathing and thinking, assessing how I feel and getting myself geared up for another day.

3. Start the morning with music. If I have a meeting and need to take a shower, I have a tape player (yes, I said a tape player lol) in the bathroom where I play through my voluminous collection of cassettes. If I don't have a meeting I come to the computer and put on either opera, Michael Jackson music of a category of songs I put together called "motivation".

4. Possibly eat something. This one is tough because I'm not usually hungry first thing in the morning. However, since I've started walking a lot for exercise and glucose control (I'm diabetic) I've found myself waking up to low numbers, which makes my mind a little shaky and I don't always think straight.

Because I don't like to eat a lot in the morning, and for some odd reason I'm not as crazy about toast as I was as a kid, I buy Honey Grahams and, as an extra boost, I put peanut butter on them. Let's face it, in my mind peanut butter goes with everything. Besides that it's relatively low in carbs and calories and helps me to get to the next stage of eating some time later.

5. This one is new to me, so it's yet to become a habit. I've started writing a gratitude journal in the mornings. It doesn't have to be anything spectacular or even particularly long. Overall, my goal is to write 3 or 5 things that I'm grateful for or relatively happy about when I wake up. What happens is, if you can think of things that you're happy for early on, it helps to make the rest of the day go better because you've started out on a good note.

That's my 5 things; I hope they don't sound too hokey. What types of things do you do to get started on the right path every morning, if you do anything?