Book Review

When I was asked if I’d review this book and write a review about it, I thought it was going to be the normal style of leadership book that I’m used to. For full disclosure I was sent a copy of this book for free, although it’s an early draft of it, and the book […]

As a full disclaimer, I was asked to review the book Bring Your Superpowers To Work by Darcy Eikenberg and sent a copy of it, just so you know. Of course me being me this review is honest in its assessment, and yes, I have linked to the book if you’re interested in purchasing it […]

Back in April I received a copy of the book Bare Knuckle People Management from the authors Sean O’Neil and John Kulisek. I actually thought I’d written this review already, as I had the book read within a few weeks (actually, I read it in a day, but it took some time to get to […]

“There is always someone smarter than you, but you can out work them any time you please.” Dr. Todd Dewett And thus began my reading of the book titled The Little Black Book of Leadership by Dr. Todd Dewett. For full disclosure, he sent me, unsolicited, the ebook version of his book, thinking I would […]

Back in February, I wrote here about receiving my first ever bit of “schwag”, though I’d also seen it spelled as “swag”; no matter. Anyway, it was a free book and a free flying pig in a box, which was appropriate to the title, Wisdom Of The Flying Pig, by Jack Hayhow. I said I’d […]