When I was asked if I'd review this book and write a review about it, I thought it was going to be the normal style of leadership book that I'm used to. For full disclosure I was sent a copy of this book for free, although it's an early draft of it, and the book goes on sale today so it's a coordinated effort in marketing the thing. Having said that, we all know I'm going to be honest about it; that's my style.

The book is titled Awakened Leadership, and the writer is Alan Shelton. It's not necessarily a book on leadership as much as it's a book about a man looking to find himself. Indeed a lot of the book talks about his quest to find enlightenment, and to that end he traveled the world and had lots of encounters until finally, of all things, one day he was driving and it suddenly hit him.

What hit him? To tell you the truth I'm still not sure, because it doesn't seem like Alan was able to fully identify it himself. Still, that's not the overall point of the book. He does talk about leadership, but in many ways it's a kind of leadership that most of us don't think to do. He was a successful guy who had no problems letting others take the reins; at one point he left the business for 4 months on a quest, only to come back and find that the company had actually grown and thrived while he was gone.

This book is more about personal journeys than anything else, and that's actually pretty interesting. From never knowing who his father was to getting one that never lived up to expectation. To a mother who found Mormonism, got him into it, and how he eventually had to leave it and his wife. To seeing how both the ultra rich and the ultra poor lived, and realizing just how little control one actually gets to have in their lives. And finally, do the doorways of awakening, his way of telling all of us his criteria for finding your own way if you dare to take the journey:

Your viewpoint is only a step away;

Contrary to appearances, you are not the doer;

You are enough; let your power come to you;

A leader needs no followers;

Let life live you

If you're looking for a book that's only about leadership lessons, this one isn't it. If you're looking for a tale about the process of finding out just who you are and what your ultimate goals should be, while learning lessons about leadership along the way, this book will give that to you. There are parts that will slow you down, but overall I think you will enjoy this book.