It's the day after the Christmas holiday, and the 26th day in a row with a new article on this blog. Because it's the day after a holiday and a Saturday to boot, I figured that no one wants to deal with anything overly long and deep; am I right?


Because of that, I decided that it would be easier to post some motivational quotes aimed at leadership. What's different about these quotes is they're all mine; yup, that's right, my own quotes.

I'd never really thought I was all that quotable, but early in 2015 I decided to look back at many of my older posts and it seems that every once in a while I'd say something that I thought was a pretty good quote. I started putting together a collection, and the next thing you know I've got 15 pages to this point. And that's only going up to November 2009! This means I still have 6 years to get through; whew!

I hope you enjoy both the quotes and the images I'm using before each one of them. I also hope you've had a nice holiday season to this point, no matter your religion.


1. Most things in life really aren't so important that absolute adherence to a particular process is the only way to get something done.

2. Real leaders don't back away from responsibility. When things go wrong, don't go into hiding or fear that you're going to get in trouble.

3. How will you decide to maintain your dignity in the face of tough times?

4. Employees are not looking for friends or enemies at work; they're looking for satisfaction.


5. Conversation is a great motivational tool because most employees say they don't know what's expected of them by management.

6. Being a leader means you care more about the results than the process of getting there.

7. If you're going to be an effective leader you can't bury your head in the ground. You can't change things if you're afraid to ask questions.

8. Employers can't continue to expect #loyalty without giving any.

9. Perception is reality to the person with the perception, so leaders must strive to change negative beliefs and input positive feelings.


10. I won't be brutally honest with anyone who doesn't deserve that; honesty doesn't have to be mean and nasty.

11. Employees are responsible for themselves. Leaders are responsible for making sure they have the tools to be successful.

12. I have found that when I start doing positive things, positive things start coming my way.

13. A good leader has to know how to work with others and know how to lead others. This seems logical but often it doesn't work this way.

14. Every day is another chance to start again.


15. True leaders know how and when to do the honorable thing, not the selfish thing.

16. Some employees might not like your style of management. If it's fair, don't change the essence of who you are for the minority.

17. When you can get other people to talk with you, then work with you, it makes your job a whole lot easier.

18. Very well intentioned people often say some pretty stupid and insensitive things, and not have an understanding of why it's wrong.

19. Try to come up with creative ways to educate and teach concepts that might not be easily grasped.


20. As a leader, wouldn't you rather have people you work with like you rather than fear or hate you?

21. Listening always gives you a chance to get things right, and it makes the person you're listening to feel they're a valuable commodity.

22. Real leaders never chastise someone for telling the truth, asking questions, or for trying to learn more so they can be better.

23. It's incumbent on leaders to try to alleviate as much stress and anxiety as possible from their employees during the work day.

24. Never expect perfection from anyone. Expect good, especially from yourself, because if you can't give it don't expect it from anyone else.
25. Anyone can make excuses or blame someone for not fixing things. True leaders offer solutions to try to make things better.

26. Always say goodbye and wish the people you like and love good luck. Don't wait to get together when a common friend is gone. You may never get another chance to tell them you love them.