Mitchell Management Evaluation Module

“Who Else Wants To Learn The Secrets Of This Step-By-Step Program For Hiring And Evaluating The Best Employees - Faster And For Less Money Than Ever Before? Even If You’ve Never Been Great At Hiring And Evaluating Performance…”

“Cut down on staff turnover by hiring or promoting the BEST person for the job the FIRST time… make more effective hiring decisions… avoid promoting the wrong person… evaluate the performance of your employees… and do it all with scientific precision, time after time, with this program...”

From the Desk of:
Mitch Mitchell, Leadership/Management Specialist

Are you having a tough time hiring new employees, or evaluating the employees you already have?

Are you unsure about what questions to ask?

Are you even sure about what performance criteria you're looking for in a new, or existing employee?

Wondering how you can get past the “canned answers” and find out the real story about a candidate?

 You’re not alone. Hiring, training, and evaluating any employee, especially management-level employees, is a complex problem faced by business people all over the world.

“Most Companies Are Lousy At Hiring Employees!”

They're also bad at doing employee evaluations. Most companies use a job description as their only tool for selecting candidates for open positions.  Think about it: how were you hired? If you’re like most employees or managers:

  • You weren’t asked many questions about your management style. 

  • You weren’t asked about your “core competencies”.

  • You weren’t asked many questions on past performance.

  • You weren’t asked what types of math skills you have.

  • You weren’t asked how detail-oriented you are.

  • You weren’t asked what kind of communications skills you have.

Let’s face some facts. 

Most companies are lousy when it comes to hiring.

Most companies use a “job description” as their screener of job candidates; job descriptions are canned and lifeless, and most are worse than useless.  They rarely allow you to find the candidate you may really be looking for. In fact, the main use of job descriptions is to eliminate candidates without baseline qualifications from applying in the first place. What kind of employee evaluation process is that? 

Here’s another bit of common sense:  a person with over 20 years of on-the-job training will probably be better candidate than someone who just got out of college. A college degree in a particular specialty is no guarantee that you have a good candidate on your hands. 

How many very good people have been eliminated from positions they’re imminently qualified for - based on the wrong criteria?

At the same time, companies usually have yearly employee evaluations, yet don't give managers the proper tools to do these evaluations. Sure, they might have some sort of form, but how often does that form fail to help you figure out just what it is you're evaluating your employee on? Wouldn't it be nice to have an evaluation program to help you perform appraisals such as these?

“Don't Let Another Good Employee Slip
Through Your Fingers!”

Companies spend millions of dollars trying to find, hire, and keep the best possible talent - yet they fail more often than not. Your company doesn’t have to be one of them.

Imagine that an experienced management consultant, who has worked with hundreds of business owners and managers, has found a way to quantify the process of evaluating the performance of your regular employees and management candidates.

Imagine that this process had been reduced to a simple, easy-to-follow system: step-by-step leading you through the employee evaluation process.

Wouldn’t you like to get your hands on a program like that? Now you can…

“Learn To Target Exactly the Qualities You Need”

The old way of doing this was so tedious, and usually unproductive.

Sure, Candidate X has great technical skills.  They’ve been in the field a good number of years.  And you need someone with those technical skills.  However, you also need someone who has some other key skills. Someone who knows:

  • How to work with others. 

  • How to write well.

  • How to communicate well.

  • How to teach others.

  • How to be efficient with company time and resources.

  • How to be a good listener.

  • How to manage time well.

  • How to be good at conflict resolution. 

  • How to build high-performance teams.

How much is one successful new employee worth to you?

Just picture yourself with a whole company full of great employees. No more headaches, no more hassles, and lots more money!

“The Mitchell Management Evaluation Module Will Lead You Step-By-Step Through the
Evaluation Process”

As a consultant and former director myself, as well as an author of books on leadership, trainer, and presenter on these topics, I have worked with many companies over the years, assisting in the selection, evaluation, hiring, and promoting of many employees.

I've sat through hundreds of evaluations and interviews, as well as completed many performance assessments – I’ve seen almost every method tried, every question asked – and I’ve collected the results.

Most importantly, I've learned how to make the right hiring and promotion decisions.

I created the Mitchell Management Evaluation Module as a result, and it works beautifully.

I created this program to be an essential tool, specifically for those who need to either hire new employees or evaluate current employees and managers they are already responsible for.

Finally, you can take control of the success of your hiring, and the development of, your present and future staff.  

“Now You’ll Always Know Exactly What To Ask
- And What The Answers Really Mean.”

With the Mitchell Employee Evaluation Module, you get 3 categories that contain a total of 46 criteria, with descriptions, to help you focus on the qualities you feel the position needs.

  • Use these categories to compare your previous employee's skills to your new candidate.

  • Use these same categories in evaluating qualities in your present employees to determine for yourself where you feel they may need to improve performance or maintain those particular skills.

  • This is a perfect tool to assist you in evaluating your employees for performance reviews.

“A Complete System for Evaluating, Training,
and Hiring Personnel”

This program works for any type of business, no matter what industry. Look at the versatile tools that are included with the Module:

  • Criteria sheets that you can copy and use over and over. 

  • Position Evaluation Form

  • Pre-Review Evaluation Form One

  • Pre-Review Evaluation Form Two

  • Main Evaluation Form

  • Complete, step-by-step instructions for how to use each one. 

  • Top 10 Evaluation Criteria

They will challenge you in answering honestly, and determining exactly what you’re looking for, and help you work your way down to the top ten evaluation criteria that you want to follow up on. 

“Use the System Over and Over Again -
Keep Pace with Your Changing Business”

This is a “living program”; it’s flexible enough to change for every person you evaluate or hire, even if you’re looking at the same position.  Times change; people change, employees change, the needs of a position change, and this program will change each time as well.

This is a package that should be in every business in America, no matter the type. It's the most fair and logical employee evaluation program you'll ever see. 

If you have even one employee, supervisor, manager, or other upper level position that needs to be filled or evaluated, you need this tool.

To download a sample of the evaluation module, click here.

“How Much Money Are You Losing?”

Studies show that companies typically lose anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 in tangible costs alone to replace and retrain an employee. How many employees have you replaced in the last five years?

If you had chosen the right employee – or learned how to retain the ones you had – could you have saved tens of thousands of dollars?

“You Get At Least 500 Times Your Money’s Worth With This Management Evaluation Module”

The price for the Mitchell Management Evaluation Module is only $59.99 (plus tax for NY residents), and you download the entire module after payment; no waiting! 

If losing one employee, or making one hiring mistake, can cost you at least $10,000 – that means that by avoiding one such mistake, you save FIVE HUNDRED TIMES the cost of the Mitchell Employee Evaluation Module.

If you hired me to come to your organization and help you conduct these evaluations in person, the cost would be many thousands of dollars.

Now you can do these employee evaluations and interviews yourself – using the same exact methods I would use if you were paying my hourly fees. But you’ll do it at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re serious in wanting to get better at hiring or evaluating all of your employees, you must have this tool.

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Mitchell Management
Evaluation Module


I know you will be very glad you did. Isn't it time you took control of the hiring and evaluation process, and stopped leaving these decisions to chance?

Best of success,

Mitch Mitchell

 PS - If you have any questions as to whether this module is for you, I hope you'll call me at (315) 622-5922.

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