A couple of months ago I was at my consultant’s group meeting and I brought up a question I’d always had issue with. I’m an independent consultant. In my marketing materials, I often vacillate between using “I” or “we”. Most sales studies you do state using “we” without telling you why, and I felt it […]

On Tuesday afternoon I was at a meeting of an organization whose board I sit on. In this particular instance, I also hold an official position; no, I don’t get paid for it. The conversation turned to one that’s fairly common in most companies, but it was a crucial discussion about the possibility of doing […]

Everyone has heard the phrase “Two heads are better than one”. I’m going to say that, when it comes to being a manager or leader, this isn’t always the case. One of the problems we have with government is that, sometimes, there’s too many people with too many differing opinions to get anything done. Not […]

I have read many things that say when we’re close to having a vacation we work twice as hard in trying to clear our desks off and finish all work so that, when we get back, we won’t have a mountain of work to try to catch up on. I’ve been thinking about that lately […]