A couple of days ago I shared a positive message that was contained in an image on Facebook. The person who gave the message was Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock (if you watch wrestling) and this was that message: “When you walk up to opportunity’s door, don’t knock it… Kick that b***h in, smile and […]

One would think I’d learn. A year and a half ago I wrote something called Planning For Family Emergencies when my mother unexpectedly got sick and I found myself not knowing how I was going to pay my bills or my mother’s bills, not knowing what plans she’d made for herself or my grandmother, not […]

Last week I was reading a blog post from someone I admire a lot locally. His name is David Goldsmith, and he wrote a post on his blog called Bad Times are Always Good Times – for Someone. In his post, he showed how some bad things that have happened have ended up being a […]

It’s been a rough last six days for me. My mother is ill, and it’s brought home the fact that she’s getting up in years, and may start needing my help more than I had thought. Add to that fact my grandmother living here, and my mother’s been taking care of her, and you can […]