Last week I was reading a blog post from someone I admire a lot locally. His name is David Goldsmith, and he wrote a post on his blog called Bad Times are Always Good Times – for Someone. In his post, he showed how some bad things that have happened have ended up being a good thing for someone else who was ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

I thought it was a great take on how things really do happen in this world. Every time someone gets fired from a job it gives someone else an opportunity they'd have never previously had. Every time someone passes away, someone else is going to get a monetary benefit from it. That's just life, and how things work.

But it doesn't always need to be something bad. For instance, I'm getting to write a blog post because of David's blog post. Someone else might read mine and write their own blog post. Every day someone reads an article that someone else wrote and applies the principles to whatever it is they needed in the first place. It's all cyclical, and there's nothing wrong with any of it.

The main point David was making, which is the same point I'm aiming at here, is that opportunities arise, but we always have to be ready to step in and avail ourselves of these opportunities. Sure, some of them may sound a bit morbid, but think about it. There's not just one funeral home; there are many. Each, in its own way, competes for business by either offering lower prices or better services. I'm not going to say they're happy when people pass away, but they each try to place themselves into the best position possible when it's time for someone to go looking for services that they provide.

It's for this reason that I always tell people to not only give their all, but to try, in some fashion, to make sure they're in the right position when an opportunity arises. That might mean doing a regular self evaluation of some sort to be ready to present it to someone. It might mean being proactive and asking the person you report to for quarterly evaluations so you can not only improve areas you might be lacking in, but show initiative to keep your name in their minds in case something new does come up.

How are you working towards being the name people think about when opportunities arise?