About 4 or 5 years ago on the anniversary of this date, September 11th, and the planes flying into both the Twin Towers in NYC and the Pentagon, and of course the plane that went down in Pennsylvania, some guy on Facebook (who I didn't know well and have never spoken to again) commented on a post I put up and asked "Why do people keep bringing this up? Can't we move away from it?" Instead, I moved away from him because I was irked at him for even daring to say something like that, especially on a post by me, and I wasn't ready to lay into him, which I'd have done and that wouldn't have been pretty.

11 settembre 2001 - 11 settembre 2011
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Today it's the 15th anniversary of that day, a day that literally changed how this country perceives itself and those around the world. If we didn't know how ugly things were as far as the rest of the world's perspective on the United States before then, and if we didn't know how vitriolic a large percentage of our population felt against those who believe in the religion of Islam before then, we certainly learned it after that day. We also learned how special so many people can be in light of a tragedy and how resilient we are; we don't need to "make America great again"; America is already great, even with its few foibles and the like.

Today I'm actually ready to answer that guy's question; it's taken me 15 years to want to answer that question. I answer it now because of what's going on in this country and around the world. I think it's important enough to finally get to the "why" of the matter and what's at stake for all of us.

The "why" is because we should never forget; that's pretty much it. There are many reasons behind that one:

* we need to be reminded to always stay vigilant against threats;

* we need to be reminded that most people have no idea what a terrorist looks like;

* we need to be reminded that everyone isn't going to agree with us and some people are ready to take things to the extreme;

* we need to keep making sure the truth stays the truth, unlike Texas and Bill O'Reilly trying to make slavery "friendly" or Japan trying to change the truth about their role in World War II;

* because too often history repeats itself, and maybe someone will remember a lesson and stop before something newly bad goes too far;

* because times change but people don't, which means circumstances don't either;

* because we should always honor those who ended up giving their lives, whether they signed up for it or not, for a cause that benefited the rest of us;

* because it's the right thing to do

I think that covers it; at least it does for me today. Meanwhile, I'm linking to previous articles and one video that show my thoughts about the date from previous years. At this point I'm no longer mad, which took long enough; I just want to make sure that the significance stays alive while I still have the opportunity to talk about it.

For anyone suffering through memories of this day, I wish you peace by sharing both of these videos:

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