The time and date of the worst tragedy in American history. This was worse than what happened at Pearl Harbor; this was on our own soil. This was in New York City. These weren't soldiers. These were men and women going about their business, doing their thing. These were visitors on top of the tower, looking out like many of us did countless times at the top of the towers.

This was also the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania, where a bunch of brave people took one for the team and sacrificed their lives so other lives could be saved. Talk about the needs outweighing the needs of the few.

I'm not writing long and hard on this one. I just wanted to say something for the day. Eight years ago, our country changed. And as much as many of us would like to believe, it hasn't ended yet. We haven't gotten over it yet. And it may be a long time until we do. Peace be with you today.