There's a new movie out called World Trade Center. Channels such as A&E and the History Channel are presenting many shows on different aspects of what happened on that day, and subsequently. At the same time, every day another American gets killed or kidnapped in Iraq or Afghanistan, and ends up with their face splashed on TV.

I keep wondering if we're ready to deal with this, the fifth anniversary of this particular tragedy. It seems as though I'm receiving more email than usual that's anti-Arab, and I'm really not in the mood for that either. There are specials planned and all day observances planned and yet they're still debating over the shape and size of what's supposed to go back into the space, even what the memorial should look like.

There's still something surreal about the day to me. I remember watching it on TV for almost 3 straight days, sleeping in minutes rather than hours, until I finally found the courage, if one can call it that, to pull away and put something else into my mind. Yet, here I am again, drawn to every single TV show and news story about that day, and the events that led up to it. At least I didn't go see the movie, or the other movie that came out earlier about one of the planes that crashed. I know myself that well.

Still, we can't hide from the fact, just as much as we can't allow ourselves to get mad and overly emotional about it. There were many stupid things that people did to each other during the aftermath. If there was a lesson to be learned, it's that we need to find ways to at least understand each other, even if we can't agree, to open up a dialogue that at least has a chance to produce some cooperation and understanding. Without that, well, we'll have more airplane incidents, more suicide bombings, and more worries about what's to come next.

And I'm too tired for that; aren't you?