Almost 2 1/2 years ago I wrote a post titled Dealing With Disappointment. In that post, I mentioned how some things I had expected to come through didn't, how I took a brief bit of time to sulk and then got back to it, and how following that some other opportunities came up, balancing out this thing I like to call the laws of attraction.

I'm revisiting that today because the cycle still seems to continue, but in a much different way than before. The same types of things occur; opportunity comes up, it seems good, then for some reason it fails. I go into a funk for a brief bit, come out of it and get going again and eventually another potential opportunity comes.

What's different is that, over time, it becomes harder to come out of those situations where things go in the wrong direction and you didn't have anything to do with it happening and no opportunity to get it back on track. That's a much different thing than making a mistake and having the chance to fix it; when things are totally out of your control, you feel lost and anxious and worried that such opportunities are never going to come around again.

You want to know a truth? Sometimes those opportunities don't come again; sorry to say that. If there was a position open that you didn't get and someone else beats you to it, that position may never come around again. Frankly, one of the great lessons of life is trying to get beyond the permanence of some things never to be because those days have passed.

I think about those things from time to time. I used to own a Grand Prix by Pontiac; that's never coming back. Right now I drive a Kia Amanti, a car I love but know that it's been discontinued, and when it's eventually time to buy a new car I have no idea what might be out there like it, since no one else seems to be selling a car like it now that's in my price range (which isn't $50,000+).

There used to be these little chocolate drinks I loved in the 70's called Frosted; gone, never to be seen again. I had this program that had a special feature I loved, but once Vista came along it wasn't compatible anymore and the company decided not to upgrade for it; sigh...

What do we do when these types of things happen? We fret over it for a bit, then we get to work on trying to find something newer, at least as good, and move on. True, nothing's perfect, as I sit here thinking about how much I liked IBM Assistant in the 80's and early 90's as my word processing program and compare it to MS Word now and think that even with all the fancy stuff Word does I still wish I had that other program around. Still, I really can do so many more things with Word that the other program was never going to be able to do that complaining or pining for the past seems kind of ridiculous.

Back to disappointment. As I write this I've had two disappointments already occur today; both of them before 10AM. I could just shut down for the rest of the day, or I could work on figuring out the next stage of my quest for success. That's why I'm writing this blog post, because part of the next stage of my quest for success was having a new blog post for today. I might have decided not to go this route; instead, a new post brings nothing but positivity to my blog, and hopefully to the readers.

We all want to be happy all the time. Unfortunately, it's our disappointments that sometimes spark the best out of us. I'm hoping this time it sparks some of the best out of me. If not, there's always fried shrimp. 🙂