I've alluded to the topic of the Laws of Attraction many times over the years, but I've never specifically written about it. It's about time I did, and this is that post.

The laws of attraction are based on the concept that says you will bring into your life what you attract. That's the very simplistic view of it. The principle actually came about early in the 20th century as part of something known as the New Thought Movement, which stated that "every completed manifestation, of whatever kind and on whatever scale" as "an unquenchable energy of attraction" that causes objects to "steadily increase in power and definiteness of purpose, until the process of growth is completed and the matured form stands out as an accomplished fact".

Basically, as they say in the movie The Secret, thoughts become things. But there's also a portion of it that's supposedly based on quantum physics. The principle here states that everything in the universe is energy, and that there's as much positive energy as negative energy. The universe will bring to you what you really believe and feel, which means you need to control your thoughts and actions fully. It's a dicey proposition because you can wish for a lot of money and think 'okay, I want a lot of money, why isn't it coming', but if the overriding emotion is 'I have a lot of debt and I need money', then debt is the overriding emotion that you can't control, more of a fear factor, and thus money won't come because your fear factor is stronger at that moment in time.

Confused yet? Well, it can seem somewhat confusing, to the point that it's garnered a lot of controversy because people don't fully understand the process or how the laws of attraction are supposed to work. Some people believe all they have to do is think about something and it'll come their way. The movie gave them that belief, I have to admit, but if people were listening to what the speakers said instead of just watching what was going on, the rest of it was that you have to provide actions that show that's what you want in order to have things come your way. In essence, it's not just a belief; you actually have to do some work.

The thing about the laws of attraction is that it can work for you if you're in the right mindset. For me, the times when things have gone really well have been when I've been able to shed some of the mental restrictions I put on myself. It's not easy to do, and even now, though I'm pushing myself forward, I know there are things I'm still holding back on because things aren't flowing as smoothly as they need to. I have concerns, and those concerns slow me down. I've had concerns in the past also, but when I've been able to find a way to channel my mind in more positive ways, I accomplish great things.

As metaphysical as all of this sounds, in reality it's just plain ol' common sense. For instance, if you want to have a good life, you learn how to do things that will bring you that better life. You stop hanging around people who bring you down. You take charge of your life and do what you want to do, for the right reasons. If you need to learn something extra to progress and you really want to progress, you'll learn that thing. If you want to lose weight you'll acquiesce, eat less and work out more.

What the laws of attraction say is that all you need is a mindset shift, and positive things will come your way. That's true, but the work aspect is the part people miss. It also takes time; there are no immediate miracles that will occur once you're able to accept this idea of the laws of attraction. But you will feel better, and when you feel better, you'll find yourself doing some very positive things with your life.

And that's what the laws of attraction are all about. Now I have a true post to link to from this point on; whew!