I tell you, life is interesting in that you never know when things will be good and things will be bad. In the space of the last 5 days, things just keep happening that really works in testing one's resolve and proves that the laws of attraction will always be there, even if not the way you might be expecting.

Last Friday I was almost living large. Things seemed ready to coalesce in one direction, and other things were working out well at all. Then I got some bad news via email; one of my clients had lost a contract and that impacted my income as well. That I didn't see coming, but that's how business goes from time to time. But it left a bad taste in my mouth for awhile, until I came to grips with the thought that there might soon be better things on the horizon.

Then comes Monday afternoon. This good thing I was expecting came crashing down, and suddenly things weren't looking so good. I have to admit that I was disappointed, and I may have sulked for maybe half an hour.

That's about it. Then my mind said "hey, it wasn't meant to be, and it's time for better things to come into my life." I felt a sense of renewal, and I was ready to forge ahead towards new challenges.

What's happened in the last 24 hours is pretty amazing. I was contacted about one possible contract, which fell through quickly because I didn't know about a particular computer system. I was contacted by two other people about possible contracts. I got another call and I'll know tomorrow if I'll be going out of town for a week or two on a quick turnaround contract. There's a possibility that I'll be working with someone else on producing some information for a hospital system on a continual basis. I was contacted by someone who wants to advertise on a different website I own for just that purpose. And I was contacted about possibly hooking up with another consulting company to provide leadership training in some fashion to some of their partners throughout the United States.

Wow, how the universe heard my positive thoughts. None of what's come today came how I was expecting it. None of it came when I was hoping for it. But it came nonetheless; that's the power of the laws of attraction, and it shows just how things can turn positive when you don't dwell on your disappointments too long.

How are you dealing with disappointments in your life? Everyone is allowed to have some down time; no one can stay super positive 24/7. But if you can find a way to pull yourself out of it as quickly as possible, alter your mindset towards positive thoughts, good things are waiting to come your way. Trust me on this one; they'll come.