Ten years ago today, my dad passed away. Dad has multiple issues, one of which was lung cancer that ended up spreading throughout his body. I've written about that on another blog that will post later today, so I'm taking on a different topic today.

I talk about leadership all the time, and I try to give tips on being a good leader. Sometimes, being a leader means participating in something in your own way to show how much you care about it. In this case, my friend Scott Thomas lead a team of people in a cancer walk to raise money to fight it. He's got a lot of connections to it. His sister, nephew, his step-father-in-law and then last year his sister in law all passed away from some form of cancer.

I've been touched as well. I already mentioned my dad but my grandmother also had the issue last year. One of my cousins had breast cancer, another aunt passed away from cancer, and my wife's mother passed away from cancer as well. Cancer has no favorites; everyone's at risk in some fashion. Sure, some can be prevented by not adopting some bad habits, but it's not across the board true that if you take care of yourself that nothing will happen.

some survivors of cancer

So I went last night to offer support to Scott's team. I had already donated some money, and I bought some raffle tickets to win some prizes, which had been donated, with that money also going to cancer research. Last year his team was the top money raising team; this year his team was #2, but that's not bad at all. I even decided to participate in my own way by walking around the track 5 times for them, and I taped myself while I walked:

Everyone who was actually on the team stayed until 6AM this morning. I'm not an outdoors person, and I don't like bugs, so that wasn't happening with me. Still, I was there in spirit, and as you see from the video and a couple of the pictures I've shared, they had enough people there so I wouldn't be missed.

I'm certainly not going to ask you for money. Instead, I'm going to ask you to think about leading in other ways and help some charity in some way. Giving something for others is one of the greatest ways to exhibit leadership skills.