One of the services I provide in my business is as an executive and business coach. I wrote about it on this blog in the link above; the link on my website talking about coaching can be found here.

However, much as I'd like to think otherwise, I can't be all things for all people. I have found that, every once in awhile, someone would really like to talk to someone, to find someone who can help guide them to better things in their lives. Well, I'm here to help. I have no worries about other people taking projects or work away from me. I've always said that; some people believe me, some don't. Here's some proof. I'm going to list nine other coaches, people I know in some capacity, people I trust. I'm not giving only home pages of these folks; some of them, I'm taking you directly to the page that talks about coaching.

Before I give you those names, though, I do want to mention this. Coaching does cost you, and depending on what you're looking to get out of it, and what you're willing to put into it, coaching can take you places that you may never have thought of. And, because each coach has different areas, and different ways of coaching, and has earned their way into different levels, coaching can run you anywhere from $200 a month to $5,000 a month; none of the coaches here are charging at that high level, though.

Okay, here they are, as well as what they concentrate in:

Sue Tosto, a relationship and growth training coach.

Wendy Y. Bailey, a personal coach who also does group training for coaches.

Paula Behm, a career & job transition coach.

Life Trek Coaching, actually more of a coaching organization with multiple coaches; I've subscribed to their newsletter for over three years now.

David Goldsmith, a business growth and executive coach who I wrote about in 2008.

Don L. Price, a sales & speaking coach who also does hypnosis, and participated in my interview series.

Denise Michaels, whose coaching is geared towards women in business.

Francina Harrison, a job search and retention coach.

Steve Borek, a business and personal growth coach.

And there you go, something for everyone. Take a look at all of them and see if one of them might offer something you're interested in. And, of course, don't forget me! 🙂