One of the services I provide is business coaching, but with a qualification. I don't coach people on how to run their businesses; I'm not a financial wizard. Instead, I coach and motivate people within their businesses on how to work with others, time management, or general encouragement and motivation.

Now, someone might ask why someone would need a person like me. After all, if they're working within a company, surely they have someone else they can go to? And if they started their own business, surely they already have the motivation needed to progress.

Unfortunately, not true on both fronts. on the first, if you already work in the corporate world, or for someone else, think about how much support you get. If you're a manager, who do you get to talk to about your issues? Who can you trust to be there for you and not themselves? One of my most recent clients contacted me because she was relatively new in a position and there wasn't anyone around who could help her figure things out. A couple of weeks after she signed up with me, after we'd had only one session, she said that her confidence had gone up and it really made her feel comfortable knowing I was here for her, even if she didn't have to call or write me all the time with questions.

Another client of mine was a partner in his business. He was having issues with his partner that were not only harming the business, but hurting his family life as well. As we talked, it became apparent that his issues were all concerned with time. Rather, his disregard for time; other people's time. We talked about the issue for awhile, then I asked him how he felt when people exhibited the same behavior towards him. It was like a light bulb went off in his head, and he realized how others must feel because, obviously, he hated having it done to him. Within three weeks, not only had he landed a lucrative contract, but he said family members were astonished because his new sense of timing made them priorities in his life once again.

If you'd like to learn more about coaching, click here. The first session, 30 minutes, is always free. After that, there is a monthly fee that's based on the type of coaching you might like to have. I discuss options at the link. What would you like to discuss? Give me a call.