In my last post on the topic of communications, I pretty much said that no one is obligated to have to talk to anyone else if they know there are divergent beliefs where no one will change their mind unless it's work related and things have to get done. Today I'm going to add to that with kind of a different scenario.

I was supposed to have a business meeting today. It was scheduled to be at kind of a fast food restaurant; just what is Panera Bread considered anyway? This was a meeting that's had to be rescheduled a few times because the person's VA, who kept trying to schedule the meeting, kept setting up times instead of asking myself and another person when we'd be available. I don't even know what the meeting was supposed to be about, but I figured I'd go ahead and see what we might be discussing. Eventually I gave a couple of times when I'd be available, the other person did as well, and the 3 of us decided on a time to meet.

Fast forward to today. I was there 5 minutes early, which is my style. The other person came 3 minutes late, which is her style. The guy who wanted the meeting... no show. Nothing, nada, zip. Thing is, this isn't even someone I partially know well. I've only seen the guy once in my life, and it wasn't love at first sight, if you know what I mean. Frankly, I have to admit that I wasn't sure of his ethics at that particular meeting, yet I hadn't totally dismissed him, because he does have some talent.

And then today. I finally heard from him 3 1/2 hours later apologizing, saying he didn't have a way to contact us and asked if we could do it again. This time, I'm ignoring the email, and I will be ignoring the phone calls. Part of this is because I don't believe the message. He had contacted the other person numerous times via text message, and I know that because I've been there when she's received the messages. I did stay and have lunch, and we stayed for an hour; there was no way he could grab his phone and send a text message in an entire hour?

The other reason is that I don't reward bad behavior. This is someone I decided to give a second chance to, and it's not happening again. There's a time where we have to decide just how much we respect ourselves to not allow someone to consistently fail us and waste our time. I'm an independent businessman; time is kind of valuable to me. Every person should see their time as valuable, whether it's in business or it's hanging with family. No one should allow someone else to waste their time needlessly or thoughtlessly.

Could I be missing the next big thing? I have no clue. What I do know is that I wouldn't trust the person behind the next big thing to stick to his word, or to have the consideration needed to be a good business partner. One has to be ready to take a stand in their life and, as Dr. Phil says all the time, teach people how to treat you. This lesson will be taught silently; no all lessons need to be noisily expressed.