I do executive coaching. At least I've done some executive coaching, which is an individual thing. I haven't done any in a few years and I've been trying to figure out why. I finally realized why a couple of days ago; because I stopped talking about it.

The Art of Conversation #2
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It seems the last time I talked about coaching of any kind, outside of sports that is, was back in 2009; goodness, that's no way to get business. I've talked a lot about leadership here but if it's been 3 years since I told anyone through this blog that I do executive coaching, then that's my fault.

I also decided it was time to revamp my coaching page. When I first created it back in 2004, few people knew what personal coaching was, and only a few more people knew what executive coaching was. Therefore, on my coaching page, I decided back then to talk about it and fully explain what it was. That post ended up being 1,500 words; ouch! The revamp has it down to 425 words, and I think that's enough. It also new shows the different coaching packages that can be purchased, including a packet of items that you can use to coach yourself without having to meet with me, although you do get email access to me for 30 days.

That's the promo part; now let's talk about executive coaching in general.

Why would anyone need executive coaching?

Executive coaching is for people who were put into a leadership position yet find themselves uncomfortable with the role. That's not uncommon because when I researched my book Embrace The Lead years ago, I found a study that said 80% of all people in management had never led anything in their lives before being put into that position.

Here's the thing. As strange as this seems, the overwhelming majority of people don't recognize that they're bad leaders. From my way of thinking it should be pretty easy to spot, but it turns out it's not. How can you tell if you're a bad leader? Here's 5 ways:

1. You're not getting the performance out of your direct reports.

2. Your staff doesn't seem happy on a daily basis.

3. Your staff won't come to you with any problems that come up.

4. You're a bad delegator who's also scared to talk to employees about performance issues or pretty much anything else that has to do with work.

5. You've taken a tough approach, such that your staff fears you or doesn't respect you.

I could have written lots more but that's a sample to start with. So, what will executive coaching bring you? That's on the coaching page I linked to; I can't give it all away now can I? If I do that you won't have a reason to check it out, and I'd really like you to check it out. However, if you'd like to see how someone who I interviewed here years ago felt with her coaching, you can see that interview here.

I leave you with these two questions. One, are you the leader you've always hoped to be? Two, is it affecting your personal life in any way? Be honest with yourself, and if you answer yes to either of these, check that page out.