I read a blog post today by someone recognized as a great online resource, Chris Brogan. The topic is Success Is Made Of Little Victories. He talks about how he and his wife decided one year they were going to start getting healthy. They started out slowly, and with each little victory it encouraged them to try to go one more step, and on and on until they both achieved a nice place they wanted to be. His point was that they didn't just wake up one day to find they had gotten healthy; they had worked through a progression that put them there.

A few of you will remember that I wrote a post back in 2007 titled Start With The Simple Steps. In that post, I talked about a problem I was having with some software, and how, instead of starting at the beginning, I jumped into doing other things, without success, until I decided to go back to the very start, which of course made things work out properly.

Many of us don't want to take the time to work up to something. We actually do wake up one morning and say "I want 'that' and I want it now." If you have money, you can buy a lot of things in that fashion. If you don't have enough money, you're going to either have to save up for it or find a way to make enough money to get it, but you're still not getting immediate gratification.

The same thing pertains to problems at work. Very rarely did a workplace problem happen immediately. Often it's something that was coming over a period of time that either you or someone else noticed, or it was something that wasn't being paid attention to and suddenly showed itself for what it was. And sometimes, even if you fix it in one day, it'll take days or weeks to know what the eventual outcome of both the problem and your fix ends up being.

Start planning for things you want and need now, then start putting them into place. You might not notice any immediate results, but if you can keep going forward, staying positive, you will eventually notice good things, no matter what they are. And you'll eventually be in a better place mentally, and that's never anything to scoff at.