Whenever I do any kind of coaching, I usually try to ask questions to get people to give me answers that I figure they know already. It doesn’t always work that way, but for the most part it works pretty well. I start with that statement because there’s a sharp divide among coaches as to […]

I’ve been working with a friend of mine lately on some of her business goals and personal dreams in my capacity as a business coach and consultant. This isn’t usually the type of thing I do, but I find that it’s sometimes easier to help someone else analyze their business and make positive strides with […]

Last Friday, I was part of another interview by my friend Beverly Mahone of Boomer Diva Nation. This time I was acting in my capacity as an executive coach who also does some life coaching on the side here and there. Her basic topic was called Men Have Issues Too, and I was the voice […]

I found someone else who has used coaching to help improve her life, though this time it’s more for business life that personal life. Once again, her name will be anonymous, but she named some people, and I’ve linked to those people as I could find them: 1. What kind of coach did you employ? […]


Some of you know I do executive coaching, though I’ll also sometimes do some life coaching. I’ve been asked by some folks what coaching is all about, and how it could help them. Though I always give an answer, coming from me, as someone who’s never had coaching, it always seems to come across as […]