It seems that I missed my own anniversary post, and that's strange for me. It shows me that I've had other things on my mind, and they had to be somewhat important because I'm a numbers guy. I know the date my wife and I met. I know the date I proposed to her. I obviously know the date we got married. I know the date and time my dad took his last breath. I know the date my family moved to this town, the date I went to college for the first time, and the date I started in health care.

Still, I can acknowledge number 700 or so and talk about a few things. I wrote post #600 on October 19th, which means it's taken me 9 months to write 700 posts, since #700 was actually written on July 14th. Most of my posts have been listed in the category of leadership and management, although I've been wondering if that's legitimate. It seems that many of those posts could be classified as something else while I'm writing them, then I add something about one of those two topics near the end and say it's geared towards leaders and managers. The truth is most of those posts are geared towards people, either at work or outside of work. In a way, they've become mini-stories or opinions, with a touch of leadership or management thrown in.

My other top categories have been motivation, health care, and diversity. The term "diversity" is kind of a misnomer as well, because those topics have really been more about race than diversity. They're really not the same thing at all. Diversity is the principle of people from diverse backgrounds learning how to get along. Race is race, plain and simple. I'm not sure that pointing out racial issues is really about diversity without adding a way to overcome the issues, and when I'm in "news and commentary" mode, there's little being shared as far as finding ways to overcome issues.

Moving on, if I do some quick math, rounding figures if you will, it's taken me 270 days to write 100 posts, which is just about a post every 3 days. It seems that's a pace I've generally kept since I started writing this blog back in February 2005. Its pace is nothing like one of my other blogs, where I've written almost 800 posts in just over 2 1/2 years, but the topics are different, the audience is different, and frankly I consider this blog more important than the other one, which is actually a lot of fun to write.

I've been slower in writing over the past few weeks, but I explained that already. Actually, the workshop went really well, and we'll be doing a second one at the same location on August 19th, and we'd love to have everyone come down. We're also looking to take it on the road, after we have a local event to really get it set in stone. Of course, we have to plan the local one, come up with a date and location, but it'll be coming.

I hope you have enjoyed some of what I've written over the past 5 years, and I hope you stay with me because there's more coming. I appreciate those of you who have commented, and I appreciate those of you who haven't, but at least have read. Let's see how long it takes me to get to #800.