Today's post is going to be relatively short. That's because I'm going to talk about a subject I don't see all that much anymore.

Twin Comfort
Creative Commons License Donnie Ray Jones via Compfight

People just aren't acting right. The level of disrespect I keep seeing employed against others is just amazing, and not in a good way. Just last week, while visiting with Mom, we were at the store and a man started banging his hands on the conveyor belt because she wasn't moving fast enough for him. I wanted to confront him... but I didn't... because I had to maintain my own sense of decorum since I was with Mom.

So, in the spirit and memory of last Tuesday, I share 9 quick lessons of decorum; add your own as you see fit:

1. Put yourself in someone else's shoes before you say something stupid.

2. Think about how you look when you decide to act or say something stupid in public.

3. If you won't say it in front of your parents or kids what makes you think we want to hear your filthy mouth in public places?

4. Don't think you're better than someone else because of your money, how you're dressed... actually, just don't think you're better than others.

5. Why are you yelling? Unless you cut off your toes, please stop.

6. Drunk in public; that's a good time?

7. Children repeat what they see & hear, not what you tell them. If you want to set a good example, be a good example.

8. Please... thank you... try it, you'll like it and others will too.

9. If you bump into someone and say "why don't you watch where you're going", why weren't you watching where you were going?

There you are, short and sweet. Hopefully this is only the start of a conversation; what would you like to add to this?