In my last post on the topic of focus, I talked about making a list of points about focus, only to lose that list by doing something stupid on Excel. Turns out that what I'd done somehow was create a brand new spreadsheet which didn't include anything; my original spreadsheet was just fine, with my list of thoughts about focus. It only took me about an hour to figure it out; shows what a lack of focus could possibly do to you.

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However, having my original list still sitting there allows me to finally write the post I wanted to write, which is talking about ways focus can help you along the way. Without further ado, let's look at the 6 things I came up with:

  • Focus allows you to see all sides of a story. Many people believe there are always only two sides of a story, but they'd be wrong. Police will tell you that if you get 10 people together that all saw the same event that they'll get 10 different stories. However, each story will have some elements that are exactly the same, and that's how they're able to focus and figure things out.
  • Focus allows you to plan properly. How many times have you planned something, only to realize later on that you actually have something else going on at that same time and now have to reschedule? Or maybe you have 5 things to do that have different levels of importance, but you work on the first one that comes to your mind? With focus, you can determine what's most important, what's the one thing you can knock off quickly, etc.
  • Focus allows you to concentrate. Many of my days are spent going here and there online, getting to whatever captures my imagination at the time. Also, when I go to the store sometimes I find myself walking around because I forgot to make a list of what I was going to the store for. When I've focused on the task at hand I'm more efficient in what I do and things work better.
  • Focus allows you to figure things out. I don't know anyone who can fix things properly without focusing on the problem and then focusing on the solutions. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to think when you're hungry or worried about someone else?
  • Focus allows you to get things done. When I write the things I write, or put together my outlines, even when I'm making an egg sandwich, focus lets me get things done in the proper order so that no calamities will come my way. Every once in awhile I surprise myself by my finished project because it always feels good when something you've focused on has been completed.
  • Focus allows you to calm down. This is the biggest thing focus does for you. When you're focused only on one thing it can't bother you anymore, mainly because you're progressing, and progress always feels good. Focus eliminates distractions, which also makes you feel better. Having the ability to focus means the ability to achieve, and I don't know anyone who'd frown at that.