Some weeks ago my wife came home to spend a weekend with me, as she travels for her work. We were looking at some numbers on her Fitbit app when I noticed she had something I didn’t show. For those of you who don’t know, Fitbits are portable step trackers you can wear on your […]

In my last post on the topic of focus, I talked about making a list of points about focus, only to lose that list by doing something stupid on Excel. Turns out that what I’d done somehow was create a brand new spreadsheet which didn’t include anything; my original spreadsheet was just fine, with my […]

I was putting together my plans for writing this particular post. I had decided to write on the topic of focus. I pulled up Excel and started making a list of the things focus will help you do. It wasn’t a bad list from what I remember. I say that because I heard a noise. […]