In my last post I talked about my friend Steve Borek reaching post #100 on his blog. Then I looked at my posts and realized that this one is post #1,100 for this blog; wow!


It came up kind of sneaky because I pay more attention to the number of posts I write on one of my other blogs than this one, and have more over there. But I’ve always been proud of the posts I write here because I’ve always been hopeful that I’ve helped a lot of people along the way with their leadership issues and many other topics I touch upon. That’s one of the reasons I decided to start blogging way back in 2005, and I’m happy that I made the right decision to continue blogging when my blog and website crashed in 2006 because of the wrong hosting company.

Whenever I reach these milestones I like to look back on the body of work and select some of my favorite posts during the period. I’ve selected 11 posts to recognize the 1,100, but one of them is actually part of a series of posts I wrote based on a specific topic and a live presentation I gave once. If you visit this blog often you might have your own favorites. If not, here’s an opportunity for me to highlight more of the types of things I write here. And it’s taken me 14 months to reach this next milestone; I really need to write more. 🙂 Okay, here we go.

Everybody’s Got A Little Hero In Them This post included a video talking about a little known bit of heroism that occurred on September 11, 2001; wonderful video.

My Problem With “Servant Leadership” We hear people talking all the time about this concept of servant leadership. I hate both the term and the idea behind it, and I tell you why.

When Is Speech Bigoted? Sometimes people mistake freedom of speech for the right to say offensive things; I don’t buy that argument.

10 Customer Service Lessons In 2 Minutes Do you have 2 minutes to learn some customer service lessons?

10 Motivational Points In 2 Minutes What about motivational lessons?

How Bad Of A Leader Was Charlie Brown? Was Charlie Brown really that much of a failure?

5 Leadership Lessons From Being A Model Leadership lessons that models can teach us; and yes, I modeled lol

10 Leadership Lessons From 5 Piano Teachers And Myself We can learn leadership lessons from many things in our lives, including piano lessons

10 Listening Tips In Two Minutes Got 2 more minutes to learn to be a better listener?

Understanding the 21st Century Workforce – The Series This was the first post of a 6-article series on 21st Century Leadership.

12 Years Of T T Mitchell Consulting & Some Leadership Lessons As Well – During this period I also hit my 12th anniversary of being an independent consultant, so there’s even more lessons listed here.

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