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T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc, is a proven leader in hospital and physician revenue review consulting. Our trail of success has shown hospital facilities to increase their revenue as much as 100% or more during the course of, or the aftermath of, an engagement, depending on how long the client has asked us to work with them. We have shown drastic increases in revenue through means that seem complicated and simple at the same time. Our work with physicians groups has often increased their revenue and cash flow as much as 25%.

As crucial as the charge master is to the operational flow of a hospital, if its charge capture process is deficient, nothing else matters. As every savvy healthcare professional knows, the more revenue they can generate, the more profitable their organization will be. Quite often, when hospitals aren't generating the revenue they feel they should be, it comes down to faulty charge capture processes such as:

  • Departments not having a set process to capture all services they provide

  • Departments not knowing that services they provide are already on their charge master

  • Departments not knowing they can charge for more than one procedure, if documented

  • Departments not understanding how some services, supply items, or even pharmaceuticals, and their charge relationship

  • Departments not having all the services they provide in their charge master or on their sheets

  • Departments not reviewing their revenue reports

T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc has worked with hospitals across the country and physician groups, nursing homes, and FQHC's throughout central New York on increasing their revenue. We've helped facilities establish charge capture processes that are consistent and easy to understand and implement. We work to make sure that all bases are covered by all revenue generating departments. We take charge capture and healthcare revenue consulting to the next level.

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