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T. T. "Mitch" Mitchell has had many articles copied, with permission, by many other entities across the internet, as well as in regular print media. He has also been interviewed for many articles related to the many areas of business or organizations he participates in. All articles are listed in alplabetical order, instead of by subject, for balance.

100 Movers & Shakers

$730 Million - The White Paper


Handle Patient Calls Effectively

Hospital CFOs arenít recession-proof (interviewed as part of a longer article)

How To Talk To Insurance Companies (pdf)

How We Provide Charge Master Services

Importance of the Charge Capture/Revenue Review Process

Misperceptions and Expectations of the Charge Master/Revenue Review Process

Networking On The Web

People Skills First (interviewed as part of a longer article)

Persuasive Compassion, an interview

Upstate Update, page five