Probably one of the biggest announcements within the last 50 years was the establishment of the Big Bang Theory of the universe. In essence, at some point over 14 billion years ago, there was an explosion from something smaller than anything that exists in the universe now that ended up creating the universe as we know it today. At one point it was moving faster than the speed of light until it eventually slowed down.

There were many postulates regarding this event. At some point, the universe was supposed to stop its growth and start contracting. This meant that all we knew now would be gone, at different stages, although none of us would be around to see it. Also, at the point where the occurrence began, there wasn't really supposed to be anything there.

Only thing is, it seems science wasn't done confusing people. The universe seems to be moving faster. Where the universe supposedly began, there's actually material there, and it's still cranking out new stars and the like. And suddenly, scientists knew they had to go back to the drawing board and start over; at least some of them did.

Where do we stand now? Well, science has come up with what they call the String Theory, which involves having multiple universes they call branes that, when the time is right, merge into an existing universe and basically takes over with new energy to start the process over again. And it is continually happening; there's still no idea how it all started, but at least this theory holds more of a plausible belief than the Big Bang does.

Of course you know there's a point to all this science talk. The point is the scientists don't come up with postulates lightly. Then literally spends hours upon hours, years upon years, and decades upon decades in some cases, before they announce something this dramatic. There's a lot of math and new science technology that goes into all of this stuff, trying to get it right. Yet, at some point, new science and new math and new theories arise, and suddenly most of what we knew before as concrete evidence turns out not to be so. Scientists have to start anew based on the new information.

Something some leaders never do is take another look at what it is they're doing and modifying it. Sure, some processes will work no matter when you institute them, but others need to be altered because the times change. What worked before there were computers doesn't work the same now. What worked with communications before computers and mobile technology are vastly different than what we knew before. What people believe in as far as employment goes and being with a company forever doesn't apply anymore because people can move from job to job easily enough, especially with vehicles that offer more speed and more comfort than in the past.

If science, with all its man hours and technology and super educated doctors of various sciences can't get it totally right, or have differences of opinion on what some of the data means every once in awhile, what makes us think that our stuff is all that ironclad? Things such as courtesy never go out of style; things like SWOT analysis, DISC, and such do go out of style. Well, until the creators decide it's time to take another look at it and modify it because they understand as well that people have changed. Are you an A, B, or C type personality? Do any of those still exist in pure form in today's world?

We all need to be ready sometimes to get away from thinking that doesn't allow for growth or modification. The best leaders are the ones who learn to change and help others change as well. Just like the seagull leading others in Squawk, we all can learn to be more flexible and analyze better as leaders looking toward the future.