Yesterday I had to have a colonoscopy. The process for prepping, then going through one of these things is a nasty bit of business, prefaced by not being allowed to eat for a long time beforehand. Take it from me, it's probably best to try to have it as early in the day as you can to help stave off hunger, although there's other things to deal with as well. If you'd like to see more about my day check out this link.

I'd been given this questionnaire to fill out and bring with me on the day of the procedure. I handed it to the woman then went to sit down. About 5 minutes later she called me up and started asking me questions about everything I'd put on the sheet. I thought it was odd because she just copied it off what I'd given her; it just seemed strange.

Eventually a nurse came to get me and took me into the back. She started asking me the same questions, and on one of them I just answered "yes" instead of the full answer, just to see what she'd do. She laughed, so I went ahead and answered her. After all of that was over she took me into the next room, which is where I got undressed and into a gown, and it turned out, where my procedure would be occurring.

There were 2 nurses in the room initially, and one of them started asking me the same questions again. At one point I said "How come I have to keep answering the same questions all the time?" She said "It's not done; you're going to be asked these questions a few more times."

That wasn't quite an answer but it turned out she was correct. When the doctor came in he asked me the same questions. When the anesthesiologist came in he asked me the same questions. And the nurse who'd originally asked me those questions asked them of me again.

I realized that they all wanted to make sure that not only were they getting the information correct but that I would know what was going on as well. See, at each step I was asked if I had any questions. I did a couple of times, while other times I just went about my businesses. Even though for a short time I found it a bit irritating, in the long run I realized that they wanted to be safe and wanted to make sure there wouldn't be any mistakes like what's happened in other places where physicians have performed the wrong procedures or procedures on the wrong side of the body.

Sometimes you have to verify things more than once to make sure you're not going to get it wrong. Since I made it back home safely I have to say that it was worth it.