(originally published July 2nd, 2005)

I know things aren't going well between Mexico and black people in America today, but how can even the President of the country not think this is outrageous:


For those of you who don't know, these are the newest stamps being put out by the Mexican government of one of their favorite cartoon characters, named Memin Pinguin; I have no idea what it means. The president of Mexico came out today saying it wasn't racist, and that if Americans took the time to research the character they'd understand.

Meanwhile, some black Mexicans (can't we all get along?), who were interviewed, said it's the type of discrimination they face in their own country almost on a daily basis. Sometimes, they're stopped by the police and made to sing the national anthem, just to prove that they're Mexican.

I mean, isn't this just the Mexican version of Little Black Sambo? Reminds me of the caricature of Darkie Toothpaste that was selling in Japan for a while until they began to understand black outrage. I mean, please, am I missing something here?