First, the latest newsletter, Management Is Responsible For Customer Service, is now available.

So, the article is obviously about customer service, and in that article I take the position that management is often the most responsible for making sure that good customer service is happening with their businesses.

Last week, I conducted a meeting at the site I'm consulting at where I talked to one of the supervisors about monitoring the customer service of the department, important because this particular department is on the front line of the business when people come into the facility.

The point I made was that sometimes, to get good customer service, management needs to get the employees enthusiastic about the work they do because it all boomerangs after that. When employees feel good they work good, and if they interact with the customers they impart good feelings upon the customers, and when customers feel good, they not only come back but they tell their friends about their experience and everything works out well in the end.

Why is it that people don't put out exactly what it is they want in life anyway? We all want good customer service when we go places; why can't we remember that when it's our turn to serve?