From the time I was 5 years old, I wanted to be a superhero. I didn’t know the phrase at that time, but the first time I saw Astro Boy on TV in Japan back in 1964, I knew that my goal was to help people in need whenever I could. Me as a hero […]

Many years ago I was in a very interesting spot. I was still a regular employee and there was a time crunch on something that was out of my control for a long time. When I finally had the opportunity to really do something I was told that I had to have the problem solved […]

I was recently reading a post by a woman named Farnoosh Brock titled A Conversation With Fear. In that post, she talked about how fear can consume one’s life, how fear has never benefited her at all, and how she’s pushing through it to move forward in her life. I have talked about dealing with […]