Thirteen days ago, while I was at my mother’s house, we got a visit from a social worker. I had just recently got in touch with Visiting Nurses to obtain some services for my mother, whose mental health had been slipping over the course of months. It reached a point where I thought she needed […]

My wife and I both travel for our careers. We’re different in that I’m a consultant, whereas she’s an independent contractor who works on 13-week assignments. Fondazione Giannino Bassetti via Compfight Her present assignment will be ending in a couple of weeks and she’ll be coming home. She has spent the last couple of weeks […]

As I write this I’m out of town working on a project that required me to visit the site for a couple of days. This happens from time to time, and I enjoy getting away for a short period of time because it allows me to see places that I otherwise would have had no […]

As many people know by now, 3 people passed away due to their participation in something called a sweatlodge ceremony. In essence, this is a Native American ceremony where people go into a little handmade hut of coverings with some very hot rocks. Then someone pours water over them, creating a lot of steam, and […]